Balloon Ace introductions

Balloon Ace

As a balloon store we have been fortunate enough to speak with a variety of different people either as our customers, balloon fans or as models / studios providing specialist balloon content.

These people are all unique, some are veterans in the balloon community, others are newcomers and others are balloon enthusiasts. Each of these people has a different background and different life experiences but they all share the same passion for balloons.

We are happy to say that these people have agreed to share their balloon experiences with us, by way of a very short interview, and have allowed us to share these experiences with you.

Every Monday, starting from 26 October 2020, Balloon Ace will be posting a new interview every week for you to read enabling you get to know these people and learn about their lives with balloons.

Make sure that you check back here every Monday at 8:00pm local UK time to be the first to read a new article about various people's balloon experiences.