Balloon Ace introduces DoribellTinkerbell


Hi, my name is DoribellTinkerbell, I am a model and a YouTuber. I'm funny and have a bubbly personality. I like to dance, swim and walk in the park.

How / when did I get into balloons?
I always wanted to be a model ...but im too short ... so I started my Youtube channel. So I found another way to do it. I got into balloons about a year and a half ago through my YouTube channel.

What do u like about balloons?
I like balloons because they are cute. I like most of the latex and foil balloons because they have many forms and shapes and some are really beautiful. Balloons are a lot of fun !

What is your favourite balloon?
It's hard to say because I like so many of them. I like the big transparent ones ...and if they have a shade of violet in them they are even better....😜 I like foil balloons because they are so very cute. I also like the transparent balloons with beads and confetti inside and I also like the iloom balloons with lights in.

What is the most exciting thing you have ever done with balloons?
Bursting big balloons is scary, but so much fun and exciting ...😜

Is there anything you would like to try with balloons?
Yes, I would like a huge transparent balloon and I would like to get inside ...😍

How did u get into producing online balloon content?
I started my Youtube channel and close to valentine's Day I thought of getting some red balloons and inflating them and dancing with them....I had no idea how many people like the balloons! so things took off from there

Do you make any content which does not feature balloons?
On my Youtube channel I did videos about the new clothes and other things I buy.

Where can we find your clips?
I do post on my free clips on my Youtube channel:

My sexier and naughtier content that I cannot post on YouTube can be seen on my Onlyfans:

And people can message me on my Instagram account:

Do you make custom content?
I sometimes do custom clips with balloons although I do not do nude videos. For custom videos people can tell me what balloons they want and what kind of popping they want...I sit to pop, blow to pop or nail to pop.

My prices are available upon request. Please contact me via Instagram for details.

Final thoughts
I love balloons...I am very happy to have found the looner community!

Balloons help me stay young and positive. I think they are an anti aging therapy!

Cheers to you all and let's keep popping some balloons!😁😉😜