Balloon Ace introduces Jake and Bear


Our names are Jake and Bear aka blackheartslooner and amantedelglobo. Jake is 22 and Bear is 20. We are both British and both love being arty and creative. We also love anything cute and cuddly and have a large collection of plushies. Jake is cis-male and bi-curious. Bear is genderfluid and bisexual.

How / when did you get into balloons?
Jake discovered balloons at the age of 14 when he was trying to get over his phobia by bouncing on them which turned his phobia into a love of balloons. His love of balloons then grew over the years as he discovered more and more about the looner world. It is through the looner world where he met Bear.

Bear had discovered balloons about a year before getting with Jake. However, Bear hadn't explored balloons much until Jake showed them how much fun it really was. Jake loves the feeling of the balloons rubbing against him and the pleasure he gets from it. Bear loves how they feel, the smooth touch of the latex and the balloon smell.

What is your favourite balloon and why?
Jake’s favourite balloons are Cattex longnecks as he loves the adrenaline kick of seeing a huge balloon necking until it pops. He loves to feel the smoothness of the latex against his skin and says it feels like heaven to him. Bear’s favourite balloon is a Qualatex Q36 as they love bouncing on big balloons that have that extra oomph. Bear likes to be able to get a good bounce out of it and have a lot of playtime before it pops.

What is the most exciting thing you have done with balloons?
The most exciting thing that we both have done with balloons is when we bought a 72 inch balloon and played with it together. It was very nerve-wracking blowing it up as we discovered that our pump didn't have the power it needed for a balloon of that size. We were both scared and excited whilst it got bigger and bigger. Once it was inflated we had so much fun with it as it was super bouncy. We were having lots of fun bouncing each other on it when it popped it sent us both flying which was so funny. We really want to try it again and buy more of them to film some videos with.

Is there anything you would like to try with balloons?
Bear would like to try balloon drops, they really want to experience the feeling of having hundreds of balloons floating down on top of them. Jake wants to fully stuff a room with balloons and jump in and bounce with them all and try different ways of popping. He would also like to try popping tighter balloons as he tends to underinflate his whereas Bear just keeps blowing until they are at their max. Bear has inspired Jake to be braver with balloons and without Bear he wouldn't have become the popper that he now is.

Do you make custom content?
We both do make custom content. Jake’s prices range from £25 to £50. It all depends on what his client’s want. Bear’s prices are £30 for a 10-15 minute video and range depending on what their client’s want and how many balloons are used. We also do videos together which range from £40 to £100 as our clients get very creative with their requirements.

Final thoughts
We both find the balloon community very open and have both made some great friends through it. We also get some great recommendations from other looners; for example which brands are better and where to find better pumps and how to get the best use of your balloons.

However, as the looner community is mostly fetish based, people tend not to understand that people do have boundaries and at the end of the day we are humans who need privacy/separation between our day to day lives and our looner lives.