Balloon Ace introduces Latin Desire

Latin Desire

Hi guys, I’m a content creator from Brazil. I'm behind the Latin Desire studio and most of our content is balloon related. I’m a looner too, so I like make balloon content that I would love to watch.

How / when did you get into balloons?
I have always been fascinated by balloons. This is something that developed with me in my adolescence as well as my passion for photography which combined created the inspiration behind Latin Desire.

What do you like about balloons?
I like the shapes, colours and of course the delicate texture of latex.

What is your favourite balloon and why?
Currently it has been the balloons available here in Brazil. The Pic Pic 16" and 40" balloons. Also known as SA16 and SA24. These balloons are really soft and get huge!

What is the most exciting thing you have done with balloons?
I'm sure it was our series called "Looner Campus" in which we visited the campuses of universities and parks where we invited random girls to make a blow to pop video for us right there. You can check out some episodes from this series on our youtube channel and all of the episodes are available in full at our C4S store.

Is there anything you would like to try with balloons?
This is hard! Maybe a big set with helium balloons with all of our girls gathered to pop them!

How did you get into producing online balloon content?
This was something natural for me. I combined my two passions in my life, which are balloons and photography. I still remember the first time that I invited some friends to pose blowing big balloons for me. I believe it was there that everything started and I created the Latin Desire format with its tradition of B2P.

Do you make any content which does not feature balloons?
Yes, we have side projects with inflatables and smoking fetish content… However, some news of other projects will come soon!

Where can we find your clips?
You can find us on:

Clips for sale at: Manyvids at:

And to help the looner community we have a free Youtube channel with SFW videos which is available at:

Do you make custom content?
Yes, is always a pleasure to create personalised videos and try to translate a client's dreams and desire into video. The cost depends on the customer's order. Things like number of balloons and which model they would like do change the price. To arrange a custom video just send us an email at

Final thoughts
Being a looner was one of the best things that happened in my life, and today balloons are present both in my private life and in my work. I owe everything to this community, which, despite being small, continues to grow and become more and more known.

I am happy to be a part of this both in producing content for us as well as spreading out what this fetish is for all the models that I have worked with in the past 6 years. Thanks Balloon Ace for this opportunity to have a direct reach with the public. Keep with the good work!