Balloon Ace introduces Skye Fetish

Skye Fetish

Hi I’m Skye! I am from the UK and I would describe myself as the kinky, fetish loving girl next door.

How / when did you get into balloons?
As a teenager I was introduced to the wonderful world of latex and from there I developed a curiosity to play with latex balloons. My love of balloons grew from this and led me to experiment with lots of different types, sizes and shapes.

What do you like about balloons?
I love how they are so delicate but surprisingly robust at the same time! I also really adore the smooth, soft feel of them against my skin. I am not phobic of popping so I quite enjoy the risk of not knowing if I will accidentally pop them or not.

What is your favourite balloon and why?
In terms of colour, pink will always be my favourite but I find the chrome or metallic ones really sexy. It’s hard to pick a favourite shape! My top three would be Qualatex geo-blossoms - fun to play with a friend, Cattex 59 inch doll - great for riding and Qualatex 11 inch round balloons - I love bouncing on these.

What is the most exciting thing you have done with balloons?
I have been lucky enough to have a friend to share some balloon fun with which has been amazing. I also really like experimenting with modeling and clear balloons.

Is there anything you would like to try with balloons?
There is so much I would love to try! I have quite a big collection now of different shapes and sizes just waiting to be played with - The possibilities are endless. I am very much looking forward to trying out a Cattex GL700 shortly.

How did you get into producing online balloon content?
I had been thinking about it for a while and decided to make an OnlyFans account in September 2019. I started interacting with the looner community on Reddit and everyone has been so lovely and supportive of me and my content. It really has pushed me to keep going at tough times. I really get a kick out of posting something that gives other people enjoyment or at least makes them smile.

Do you make any content which does not feature balloons?
Yes I do! My other content mainly involves latex, PVC, various toys and Inflatables.

Where can we find your clips?
Instagram - Skyefetish

Do you make custom content?
Of course. The price really depends on what the content is and length of video that is required. I am very open minded and always happy to discuss ideas and requests on OnlyFans and ManyVids.

Final thoughts
I would just like to thank the looner community, particularly on Reddit for always being so supportive of me, I really feel so welcomed and appreciated which is lovely.