Balloon Ace introduces Susana Banana

Susana Banana

I’m a submissive balloon slut princess of the night!  What does that mean? I’m A) a BDSM sub B) a slut (especially for balloons) C) a very nocturnal goth princess.

How / when did you get into balloons?
I always loved balloons. I stumbled upon an article about looners and while reading it realized I thought it sounded really hot and thought “damn! I want to try balloons in a different way now!” So I ordered balloons and from there it was a happily ending love story. I was very happy to discover I have a kink on the more innocent cute playful side.

What do you like about balloons?
Everything? They are the perfect toy because there are just endless options of what to do with them. Their lack of gravity makes them fun to throw around, their bounciness makes them fun to get on top of… There are so many ways to both pop them and play with them without popping that my ideas just never run out. I also love the risk of not knowing if/when they are going to pop.

What is your favourite balloon and why?
It changes. Right now I don’t have a specific brand or size but any massive airship balloon makes me want to cry tears of joy. My favorite activity with balloons is riding them and large airship balloons are perfect for this activity. Also they are easy to fit multiple people on top of!

What is the most exciting thing you have done with balloons?
I love riding giant balloons whilst incorporating other objects into my balloon play. I think I first did this with Quarantine Balloon Friend 2 and it’s still one of my top selling non pop clips.

Is there anything you would like to try with balloons?
A lot of the stuff I haven’t tried yet that I want to is with another person. I’ve done some very kinky things to other people on top of balloons, and I’ve filmed with other people in balloons clips, but I’d love to do a two person pop, especially sit 2 pop. I have all sorts of ideas only possible with other people.

How did you get into producing online balloon content?
When I making online content I focused less on balloons but really wanted to make content that I genuinely enjoyed and wouldn’t get burnout from. So I tried making some balloon clips hoping they’d sell and luckily from day one they sold best out of all my clip content so I started focusing on them more.

Do you make any content which does not feature balloons?
Yes! Lots of BDSM and I also have bondage clips. On onlyfans I have some vanilla content but on Manyvids and Clips4Sale I do fetish only.

Where can we find your clips?

Do you make custom content?
Yup! Vids start at $7 a minute but I upcharge +$25 for clips under 10. Minimum time for custom vids is 5 minutes. Delivery within a week and rushed same day delivery is $50 extra. Pics start at $1.50 per pic minimum order of 10 pics. Delivery guaranteed in 3 days, $30 extra for rushed delivery. I also do sexting and GFEs!

Final thoughts
I’m just so happy I’ve actually managed to get paid in this weird niche that I’m actually passionate about and never get tired of! It’s much easier to be successful focusing on vanilla and more mainstream fetish content, and I’m so grateful that I’ve actually been able to make money making the content I actually love and not just what sells the best online. So thank you to everyone who buys all my kooky porn! I appreciate y’all so much.

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