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I'm a fun, creative, caring, and free spirit! I love being able to be myself. I love making art, dressing up, fashion, makeup, anime, music, games, and dancing!

I have a big fetish for inflatables, balloons, latex, pvc, and vinyl. Before the pandemic my mainstream jobs were being a part-time barista trainer and aesthetician (skin therapist.) I've also done some art modelling on the side. However I'm still on leave and furloughed from my companies as I'm considered high risk with my asthma. So I found an alternative job as a fetish content creator. This is my favourite job as these are my passions and I love that I can express myself more creatively.

How / when did you get into balloons?
May of 2020. I've had a fetish for inflatables for three years now and while being in that community I saw other fetishists who were into balloons. I was intrigued when I saw models playing on these huge balloons and while they seemed similar to inflatables I thought why not give them a try.

What do you like about balloons?
The beautiful assortment of colours, shapes, sizes, squeakiness, and all the fun things you can do with them!

What is your favourite balloon and why?
Though it's hard to decide I'll have to go with crystal Tuftex 17" balloons. Purple, blue, magenta, and clear are my favourite crystal colours. They were my first balloons I played with so they have a special place in my heart. I like that they're somewhat durable, can get pretty big in size, and they neck beautifully.

What is the most exciting thing you have done with balloons?
There was a custom video I did for a client/ friend of mine. This one was interesting because I had to blow to pop 5 crystal Tuftex 17's in a row while drinking coffee. I think the mixture of caffeine from the coffee and adrenaline from blow to popping the balloons was very thrilling!

Is there anything you would like to try with balloons?
I'm trying to get the courage to kiss to pop balloons with citrus oil. Another thing I'd love to do is fill a larger balloon with smaller balloons as it's very aesthetically pleasing to look at.

How did you get into producing online balloon content?
I started making inflatable content April of 2020 and it opened the door for balloon content in May. I was genuinely intrigued when I saw models playing with balloons and then fans would ask me if I'd ever try playing with balloons. I thought it was time I tried balloons and I'm so happy I did!

Do you make any content which does not feature balloons?
Yes, I make a lot of inflatable content. I've also made some ABDL and foot fetish content.

Where can we find your clips?
Manyvids is currently the only place I sell content, though I'm working on getting my Clips4Sale store running.

A link to my Manyvids store is below: 

You can also view my YouTube channel for unboxing inflatables and balloons videos here:

Do you make custom content?
Yes, I only make custom content through my Manyvids and all prices are listed through my link: I really love making custom videos and making my client's fantasies come to life. It's always rewarding to hear their positive feedback and how much they love their custom. If anyone is interested in a custom from me, please contact me first so we can check in, discuss your fantasy, and make sure we're both comfortable with everything.

Final thoughts
I've made so many friends in this community and it always brightens my day seeing what new and exciting things they're up to with balloons in their stories on Instagram. I think it's important to welcome new looners and always be respectful. Some are shy about coming out and we need to respect their space. I look forward to seeing our looner community grow.

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