Balloon Ace Repeat saver pack (Non subscription)

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Due to popular demand Balloon Ace Repeat saver packs are now available to international customers and UK customers who missed out last month*.

This purchase is for the Balloon Ace Repeat saver pack which shipped last month.

*Due to the limited availability of the contents in these saver packs they are only available to purchase between the 1st and 7th day of each month. (You can avoid missing out by ordering yours between these dates).

These Balloon Ace Repeat saver packs are a great, no hassle way for you to try various different balloons.

These saver packs are for people who love nice surprises.

The contents of these saver packs are not listed as they change each month. The image is for illustration purposes only and therefore the Balloon Ace Repeat saver pack contents will vary.

Each month features a carefully selected assortment of different balloons from premium balloon manufacturers in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours.

These Balloon Ace Repeat saver packs contain a selection of balloons valued at no less than the equivalent combined price if purchased individually from Balloon Ace.

All of our latex balloons are made from 100% natural, biodegradable latex. These balloons are suitable for either helium or air fill.

Here at Balloon Ace, we only sell premium quality 100% latex balloons. We buy all of our balloons in bulk, either from authorised distributors or directly from the balloon manufacturers. To offer our customers the best possible prices we re-package the bulk balloons into ‘Balloon Ace’ branded resealable bags to match the quantities of balloons ordered.

Customer note: The balloon colours / finishes / shapes / designs in the Balloon Ace Repeat saver packs are chosen by us and are not able to be customer specified. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time and you only pay for the balloons you receive. Any special offers provided are not transferable, redeemable only as advised and need to be used within the specified time limit. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Please select the quantity of Balloon Ace Repeat packs you require from the options menu.