Little P's World (Belbal) 14" round crystal blue balloons

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Little P has been a friend of Balloon Ace for a long time and has featured our balloons in her YouTube videos for many years.

We were delighted when Little P asked us to help her bring a logo balloon to fruition.

Crystal blue Belbal 14" balloons are one of Little P's favourite balloons. These Belbal 14" crystal blue balloons feature Little P's logo printed on one side only with white ink.

These balloons are a great way for you to experience the quality of Belbal whilst showing your support for Balloon Ace and Little P.

Below is a link to Little P's YouTube channel:

Little P's World

Belbal latex balloons are made in Europe from 100% natural, biodegradable latex. These balloons are suitable for either helium or air fill.

Please note: Here at Balloon Ace, we only sell premium quality 100% latex balloons. We buy all of our balloons in bulk, either from authorised distributors or directly from the balloon manufacturers. To offer our customers the best possible prices we re-package the bulk balloons into ‘Balloon Ace’ branded resealable bags to match the quantities of balloons ordered.

Please note that these balloons are a limited edition and are subject to high demand. Please keep checking our website if they are 'Sold Out' as new stock is continually added.

Please select the quantity of balloons you require from the options menu.

Please note the price is for a single balloon.