Qualatex 16" round jewel tone balloons (50 bag) - BA colour mix

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Qualatex 16" diameter round jewel tone balloons have a rich translucent appearance.

These bulk bags are prepared here at Balloon Ace and each contain 50 Qualatex 16" diameter round jewel tone balloons in the following assorted colours:

  • Citrine yellow
  • Diamond clear
  • Jewel magenta
  • Quartz purple
  • Ruby red

Bulk bags give you an approximate saving of 10% when compared to buying individually.

Qualatex latex balloons are made in the USA and Canada from 100% natural, biodegradable latex. These balloons are suitable for either helium or air fill.

Please note: Here at Balloon Ace, we only sell premium quality 100% latex balloons. We buy all of our balloons in bulk, either from authorised distributors or directly from the balloon manufacturers.