Frequently asked questions

I am not in the UK, can I still buy balloons from Balloon Ace?

  • Please note our prices are listed in GBP - £. International customers will pay in local currency per the currency exchange rate as handled by our payment providers Shopify and PayPal. Please note we do not have any control over the exchange rates.
  • We do ship internationally. However, please note there are some locations where we do not currently ship to due to associated costs and / or courier reliability issues.
  • A full list of where we ship to can be found on our shipping policy page.
  • We do not profit from our shipping costs. We have undertaken extensive research of international shipping courier costs and believe our current provider (Royal Mail, with local partner mail company making final delivery) to be the most cost effective and reliable option available to us.  

Will you ship my order discreetly?

  • We will ship your order in discreet packaging as we appreciate our balloons may be being purchased for a surprise for someone. For deliveries outside of the UK, we may have to fill out a customs declaration form and attach it to the outside of the package. If this is the case with your order we will declare the content of the shipment as “Party Supplies” to make sure your order hopefully gets processed by the customs as fast and easy as possible. Please note that you will be responsible for any import duty required by customs on your order.
  • The sender's name on the shipping label is "B-Ace". The name Balloon Ace does not appear anywhere outside of the shipment.

Do you ship to packing stations, PO boxes or post offices?

  • To help prevent payment fraud we will only ship to the payment or cardholder’s billing address.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

  • We endeavour to ship all orders within 24 hours of being placed with the exception of weekends where shipment will be delayed until the following working day. If you place your order before 3pm on a Monday to Friday we will target having your order shipped the same day. However, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances we may need to ship your order the following working day. We ship all orders first class / international standard to give the quickest delivery time to our customers. Please refer to our shipping policy page for further details.

Can I personally pick up my order at your warehouse?

  • We run Balloon Ace as an only web store with no public or business access. We do not allow for collection in person of any orders.

What do the colour / finish descriptions mean?

  • Our balloons are manufactured from natural latex. Different colour pigments are added to balloons to create the following finishes:
    • Jewel / crystal - semi-transparent balloons with radiant jewel like colours
    • Standard - opaque / semi opaque balloons with radiant colours
    • Pearl - opaque soft metallic effect with radiant rich colours
    • Metallic - opaque metallic effect with radiant rich colours
    • Chrome - opaque ultra shiny metallic effect with radiant rich colours
  • Colours / finishes as represented on this website are provided directly from the manufacturers. Due to limitations of their imaging process, digital artefacts and the way in which computer / electronic devices render colours there may be slight variations in the colours of the physical balloons. We apologies that any slight colour deviations are outside of our control.

    How do I inflate my balloons?

    • Balloons shall always be inflated under the supervision of a responsible person and not by anyone unsupervised under the age of 8 years. To prevent injury from a bursting balloon always inflate balloons using a pump whilst holding the balloon away from the face and eyes.
    • Do not purposefully over-inflate balloons.
    • To make inflating the balloons easier to inflate it is suggested to rub / stretch the balloons in your hand prior to inflating.

    How do I make my balloons float?

    • Balloons need inflating with a gas which is 'lighter than air' to enable them to float. Typically helium is used because it is non-flammable. Helium needs to be purchased separately as we do not supply helium with our balloons. For safety reasons we do not recommend inflating balloons with any gasses other than air or helium.

    How are balloons sized?

    • The balloon sizes indicated are the diameter of the inflated balloon at its widest point. This measurement is taken across the balloon when the inflating nozzle is facing up or down. Please note due to the colour pigments added to the balloon latex that colour / finish affects its inflated size. Jewel tones inflate largest and pearl / metallic balloons inflate smallest despite being rated the same diameter. Standard colours inflate similar in size to jewel tone balloons.

    How do I store my balloons and how long do they last?

    • Our balloons are made from natural latex which can degrade over time if not stored correctly. We recommend you always to store your balloons at room temperature, dry and protected from light. UV radiation and oxygen accelerate the aging process. The best way to keep your balloons safe is to store them in an air tight container. Typically balloons have a shelf life of around two years (though this varies across brands) if stored correctly.

    Are little windows or thin spots a danger for the balloon?

    • Little windows or thin spots in the balloon’s latex skin do not usually have any negative effects on the quality of the balloon. Smaller irregularities such as air pockets in the latex skin or light folds can just come up and are not a defect. This simply is a part of the production and storage process.
    • If you detect significant and bigger windows or weak spots in uninflated condition, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will provide you with advice and assistance.
    • The nozzle of the balloon may show signs of drips, folds and / or bubbles. These are not a defect. This simply is a part of the production and storage process.

    Can I return burst balloons?

    • We only stock premium balloons. These balloons are more durable than economy balloons. However, balloons can burst for a variety of reasons such as puncture from sharp objects, over-inflation, being rough handled, defects or other environmental factors. Industry guidelines indicate that a burstage rate of 10% of balloons (1 in 10 balloons) is within acceptable tolerances. If you need a specific number of balloons for an occasion please bear this in mind when ordering.
    • Any customers who feel that a balloon has been, or is, defective, should contact Balloon Ace, within 48 hours of the defect being noticed, and we will determine how to proceed. Please do not send any burst balloons back to Balloon Ace, without proper authorisation first. This does not affect your legal and statutory rights.

    Can you print balloons with my own custom design?

    • We are currently exploring our options to provide custom printed balloons for our customers. Please note the costs associated with custom printing can be quite high due to the need for preparing a custom printing screen. It is more cost effective to purchase custom printed balloons in bulk to offset the screen costs.