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This page will help you get the best performance from your new balloons and help you to stay safe when using balloons.

Our balloons are all certified for safety by the manufacturer's in accordance with internationally recognised safety requirements.

The link below will take you to our safety and environmental information page:

Safety and Environmental information

It is important that you read and understand the safety information to enjoy balloons safely.

Please note that extreme caution shall be exercised if attempting to enter into 'climb in' balloons due to the risks associated with enclosed confined spaces and the risk of suffocation. Entering 'climb in' balloons is done solely at your own risk and Balloon Ace accepts no responsibility should you decide to enter these balloons.

During the colder months balloons are exposed to cold temperatures during the shipping process. This does not damage the balloons. However, just like you, balloons don’t like being cold. When balloons become cold, they need a little time to acclimatise to ensure that they are at peak condition before use. You wouldn’t run a marathon before warming up first!!

This is completely normal and is nothing to worry about although you should give your balloons time to naturally warm to room temperature before inflating.

As a guide; balloons which feel warm, soft and supple are ready to inflate. Whereas balloons which feel cold, stiff and rigid need warming up first.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Balloons are made from natural latex rubber which is susceptible to changes in ambient temperature. Extreme cold temperatures can make balloons feel stiff / rigid.
  • Rubbing the balloons between warm hands and placing the balloons in a warm room (not hot) will speed up the warming process.
  • Cold balloons may burst upon inflating due to their rigidity. Always make sure that balloons have been sufficiently warmed up so that they are soft and supple prior to inflating.
  • A hair dryer used on low heat blowing directly onto the balloons from a distance of no closer than 30cm (12 inches) will make them soft and supple in a matter of seconds. Do not apply heat for too long to avoid damaging the balloons.

For the best results always warm your balloons and make sure they are soft and supple before inflating.

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